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Caucasus Fruits offers top quality dried fruits from Georgia, processed in accordance with the highest international standards. With all the passion we dedicate ourselves to the production of tasteful dried fruits from the best cultivation areas of Georgia.

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About the fruit

Dried fruits are suitable as natural ingredient in muesli, pastries or as fillings in delicatessen products. As dried fruits are extracted from fresh fruit, they still have a very high concentration of nutrients. Dry fruits consist of 50-70% of carbohydrates, delivering abundant calories and rapidly available energy. The high fiber content ensures good compatibility and a valuable contribution to a balanced diet.


Already during the selection of fresh fruits we can rely on established partners who are able to deliver fresh, tasty and pesticide-free product. Permanent controls and complete origin-tracking system are part of our quality philosophy for both BIO-certified and conventional products. Thanks to our gentle processing using German technology, according to food safety and ISO standards, we ensure the highest quality of our production.

We set the highest quality demands not only for our products but also for our services.

A continuous improvement process, integrated in all production and service phases, ensures a particularly prompt and customer-oriented approach. Accordingly, continuous training of our employees and active cooperation with other market participants are self-evident to us.